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Due to certain circumstances, membership to Bushido Angels is being SEVERELY moderated. And I mean severely. If you have created your LiveJournal for the pure (and beautiful) reason of accessing Boy-Love from groups like this, I applaud you; however, because of the aforementioned... circumstances, Membership is being SEVERELY moderated.

  1. If you are already a member, this means nothing. You're all good. Enjoy.
  2. If you're NOT a member, then you CAN ask to Join the Community. No problem. HOWEVER!!
    • If your LiveJournal is UNDER two (2) months old,
    • and has like NO entries, not even hidden ones, I reserve the right to reject your application.
All hope is not lost, faithful readers. You have two options:
  1. Wait until your LJ is three (3) months old and try again. OR!!
  2. PM me and tell me your story. Why do you want to join? (No five (5) paragraph essays necessary and no need to tell me an interesting story. You CAN if you want, but I'm not that sort. A few sentences [3-5] like a friendly letter would be nice.)
NOW, I still reserve the right to refuse membership applications after that, but this is better than flat-out CLOSED membership. I will be personally reviewing LJs to make sure criteria is met. I'm looking for certain things in your LJ. You have no other hoops to jump... mostly because I generally don't care enough. Terrible, isn't it?

How long will this last? Until further notice. God knows I'm likely to get REALLY tired of it and just re-open membership randomly and with no fanfare.
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Jams: Zuko Natsume Yuujinshou Ep. 4
After careful consideration, I decided to redo the first four chapters of Patlabor V3. NOW, I KNOW very well that's not what you want; HOWEVER, I did it because it was making ME crazy. I've really improved, and when I read over my original chapters, I was, well, EMBARRASSED. SO - here it is... Vol 3 ch 1-3 (although it's marked INTERMISSION Part 1 & 2, and CHAPTER 4 Part 1 & 2 in the ToC):

4 Shared Folder // MediaFire

Too lazy to put them out separately... SORRY! But they're in there!

[EDIT] Links to all files: [ MF ] // [ 4S ]
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10 November 2011 @ 09:44 pm
Well, it's our 5th year releasing (more or less). Thought I'd go back to the BASICS:

Patlabor 4.5.5: [ MF ] // [ 4S ] // [ MU ]

I'm also working on redoing Vol 3 because I have improved a lot since the beginning, and I want to do it justice. Please look forward to that!


I'm not a tyrant, and I'm not going to go batshit, but RESPECT US a little. If others are getting money for our work, that essentially makes us SLAVES since we make nothing on the deal. Which, in turn, makes us (especially ME) stupid. I don't like being stupid, and I hate being a SLAVE, so please don't do it. I don't care if it's free or whatever, but if you paid to view this stuff, you've been robbed!

There will probably be a release tomorrow. MAYBE.
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24 July 2011 @ 12:06 pm
I know that I haven't finished Scratch Marks of Love and it's on my SOON list. But -- I have been forced to change my mind about it, and I will NEED A TRANSLATOR  for this project.

This is why:

I reported earlier that I've been sick and to hospital and all that. Unfortunately, I ended up BACK in hospital this week and nearly died from bilateral pulmonary embolisms (Google it. It's ugly.). I was in friggin' ICU for ages, then on a regular ward for a few days. My lungs apparently look like a dalmation's hide, I'm so friggin' clotty (I assure you, that's a technical/medical term). I got out about 3 days ago, and have been on house arrest without Internet.
Yes, my life sucks, but at least I'm not dead.

SO, I will try to resume service, but (on second thought) I WILL need a translator. I was going to do it myself, but people are watching me like a hawk around here... >_<;;

I'm sorry that it's all fxxxx'd up around here, but I can post pics of my collection of IV bruises and blood sample pricks (ha ha ha... pricks indeed!!). Now that I feel better (for real. I'm on a pile of medicine. If I didn't feel better, my family would bundle me back to hospital ASAP.) I want to restart production (I know I said it before, but my health took that stupid downturn).

Thanks for your understanding... and if you know any translators, send them my way.
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29 April 2011 @ 06:43 pm
This is not exactly something to get WOW'D over if you've already read it... but it DOES complete Patlabor Vol 1-3, so it's GOOD for the mecha-lover in us.

Patlabor v2.2: [MF] // [ 4S ]
Patlabor V2 COMPLETE: [MF] // [ 4S ]

Completed Scanlation thus far: [MF]  // [ 4S ]

This was courtesy of Yobbin2000!! This person was kind enough to clean and fix up the scans so humans could read them. THANK YOU!! This was especially kind since they did it while I was incommunicado, and it was nice to come back and have it sitting in my inbox!!

Honestly, you've all been very kind. Thank you so much for your support!!

(Next, SHOULD be BL... I mean, it's an overloaded feeling of Police Mecha lately... isn't it? Maybe it's just me... >__> )

NOTE: These are not our translations nor our scans. They are VIZ's work, and we are only posting them after there was a demand. My hope is that VIZ will realize its mistake in dropping Patlabor and pick it up again. Well, that and do it RIGHT this time. It could happen... but I'm not holding my breath.  In other words, the manga belongs to Headgear and the author; the translation of vol 1-2 belong to VIZ. Thank you.

[EDIT - 11/11/11] I'm informed that there is a credit page missing from Vol 1-2 for scanning. This is it. Please dl this with your file. Thank you.
24 April 2011 @ 11:29 pm
I know... I know... ya'll wanted some juicy BL... and I'm working on that with my NEW scan editors! YAY!!

Until then, the script was done, the scans were clean, and Taka was available for consultation, so... THIS was the easiest thing to get done...


Patlabor 4.4: [ MF ] // [ 4S ]

I'm working on other stuff, this is all ye get... XP

PS: we don't have that silly time limit rule, so... whatevers folks.
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17 November 2010 @ 01:31 pm
It's been a LOOOONG time. I know. Don't spank me (i mite like it!!). *ahem* Well, regardless, Taka finally got the stuff to me, so there'll be a couple of chapters of this.

There may be errors for the sheer and pure reason that, although I am a FAN, I'm not an EXPERT on labors. Secondly, neither is Taka, and, in fact, he had never even READ it before, so this is new to him.

THUS -  if there are any amendments to be made, please contact me and we will do what we can:

Patlabor Vol 4 Ch5 Part 3: [ MF ] [ 4S ] [ SS ]

Previous volumes: [ MF ]

In other news, I started a new job with a SUPER crap schedule, so I'm working 3-1130pm nowadays, and sleeping from 4am-12pm. I'm working on stuff, I am. Please be patient.... I can't take anything electronic into work with me. -_-;;
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I was informed by a staff member that the number of YAOI Cease and Desist letters have risen. As such, this community has become FRIENDS-ONLY. Not by choice, mind you, but necessity. If we continue to provide certain scans, then we need to obscure it a bit.

Honestly, our work can be found on several download sites, and we don't have that "waiting" period stuff (which I completely DON'T GET) nor the "no manga viewers" rule. I mean, I really don't get it, but, whatever. What happens to our scans when we're done is completely out of our hands... so, yeh... whatever. For those of you without an LJ account, this means waiting a bit until it is uploaded somewhere you can get to it. I can't tell you where (because I can't you know), but there are like a dozen sites that do that sort of thing.

I don't know yet about Patlabor, or Superior, but, in general, all the YAOI projects are locked down.

Also, NAME CHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but Bushido Angel Adventures will just become Bushido Angels period. Sadly, because I like it, we'll leave BAA as our acronym, but I'm tired of trying to fit Adventures into certain things. Besides, our name sake lost an eye recently, but he's still so awesome... XD

Any way, all of you have a great day and I'm sorry about having to lock this blog down. I REALLY didn't want to.
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15 October 2010 @ 04:08 pm
Okay, things have settled down, and I'm REALLY sorry about not doing jack squat. >_>;;

I'm currently translating Saika Kunieda's "Kimi yo Shiru ya Minami no Kuni," which lovely, lovely kriptonima had given to me AGES ago... and I have done NOTHING with, until NOW.

Kunieda is so WRONG sometimes... but you have to love her... er, imagination.

I am also working on "Low-temperature Blanket" and Akiko S. is helping with both, so it should be SOONER than LATER on those two.

Sadly, I'm lacking GOOD scans for Kimi yo Shiru ya Minami no Kuni, so if anyone wants to make my life 100% easier, please... offer some up. Otherwise, because of the scan quality (MQ at best), we won't be able to release at our usual standard.

Apparantly Taka HAD indeed been working on Patlabor, and I need to track his ass down and pin him to a wall somewhere. I suspect he'd like it, though. He recently got married, so his mind's in the gutter on other things.

I've also had a SMALL falling out with painful_buggery, so I might be in DESPERATE need of a right hand... erm, person.

Lastly, I DO have the LAST chapter translations to both Scratch Marks of Love and Fool For You. I do. I just need to have them QC'd by Akiko S., clean the scans, and have them typeset. Ughh... so much to do.

SO, I'm very sorry about the long sabbatical. It was a rough road, but my Mom is better. She needed a lot of help for a long time, but she's getting around on her own now.

Thanks for all the messages of concern and support!! I loved them all!
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04 August 2010 @ 06:38 pm
Yeah, here's the sitch:
  1. I have NO Internet
  2. I just barely got my lappie back in working order
  3. my mom was in the hospital and is still mostly bed ridden...

THUS... it might be a bit before anything gets accomplished. SORRY!! I have things... I really do, but I'm borrowing the Wi-fi from a Starbucks to even post... thus, communication and coordination with everyone is currently nigh impossible (since the nearest Wi-fi spot from my house is like 20 minutes away... ;___; )

Any way, please be patient, which is hard to ask since you've all been angels... thank you so much for waiting...!!
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